Look at what has been accomplished through your support . . .

The Friends of the Algiers Courthouse has successfully undertaken many projects to improve the Algiers Courthouse property:

  • Advocated for the exterior restoration of the Courthouse
  • Holding Annual Crawfish Boil Fundraiser each spring
  • Holding Annual Membership Reception and Meeting each fall
  • Assisting in ongoing maintenance and repair of Courthouse property
  • Replaced carillon in tower
  • Installed a new chandelier in the downstairs side hallway
    to match other chandeliers
  • Installed new ceiling medallions above the chandeliers
  • Arranged for painting the interior of the building
  • Arranged for the installation of new carpet in the front meeting
    room of the building
  • Completed restoration of downstairs side hallway to conform to the
    original floor plan of the building
  • Installed new tile in the first floor side hallways
  • Repaired and painted all windows
  • Replaced four clock faces and works in the tower
  • Restored all exterior doors (including new hardware)
  • Purchased and installed outdoor iron benches and a bike rack
  • Purchased and installed interior blinds for windows
  • Repaired and painted bathroom walls and installed new sink fixtures and plumbing
  • Restored the south hall from office and storage space to the original hall
  • Purchased new door mats and a state flag